The Night I Thought I Lost Him

My husband, Brad, and I have a very unique life together.  We have undergone eleven surgeries as a couple during our married life of almost seven years.  We often joke that we are similar to unreliable cars physically, but at least we both got a lemon for a spouse.  And when life throws you lemons, … Continue reading The Night I Thought I Lost Him

A Life Worth Living

Depression is a daunting topic to cover, but often daunting tasks are the most worthwhile.  There are many different reasons that depression can enter a person’s life, but I only fully understand the reason it entered my life—chronic pain and the lack of control over my own body.  I am not what people would consider … Continue reading A Life Worth Living

Dear Self, It WILL Get Better

Truth be told, I have a stressful personality type.  I am split right up the middle between an extrovert and an introvert, and if that isn’t confusing enough, I am also a perfectionist with a naturally guilty conscience.  Growing up, I earned straight A’s, rarely got in trouble, and generally felt a deep-seeded sense of … Continue reading Dear Self, It WILL Get Better

Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

Though I am not a medical professional, I have been forced to learn way more than I want to know about joint hypermobility and its effects on the ole bod.  Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (Now referred to as Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders and closely akin to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) is the overarching illness that caused most of … Continue reading Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

Plans Change: The Saga of Another Upcoming Surgery

Plans are very fickle friends.  No matter how much time is spent nurturing and protecting them, they can turn on the planner in an instant, leaving confusion and discouragement in their changeful wake.  This happens a lot to the chronically ill, and unfortunately, it happened to me again this week. A last-minute plan occurred earlier … Continue reading Plans Change: The Saga of Another Upcoming Surgery